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Zoe May 26, 2010

Excellent service and product

CURSE May 26, 2010

Super fast and looked amazing Been referring all my drummer freinds!

Christian May 26, 2010

I love working with Jim @ DrumART com. Jim is very helpful with all my questions and all that he offers to a customer. The only negative thing there is (and is not a negative comment) I wish that he would deal with Evans drums heads as well as Aquarian. Thanks Jim for helping us all out and being a great guy!

David May 26, 2010

My experience with DrumArt was phenomenal Emails were answered promptly, the design was perfect and the head looks and sounds great. I'll never go anywhere else.

Peter May 26, 2010

I wish every company was like Jim and DrumArt! He delivers a top notch product with kind professional service. Personal attention to the customer with on-time delivery.

Kai May 26, 2010

The service and product was excellent I will definitely do business with DrumArt again.

Michael May 26, 2010

Innovative and responsive

Splat May 26, 2010

Easy to use, quick turnaround Great job!

Derek May 26, 2010

I am very happy with my drum head It is so awesome.

John May 26, 2010

THE RED BARN RAMBLERS are big fans of DrumART Just GREAT. THE RED BARN RAMBLERS are big fans of DrumART.

RatePoint May 26, 2010

Great customer service Very quick responses to my email questions and quick turnaround!

Tesco May 26, 2010

Professional, fast, friendly what else is there to say? Finished product exceeded all expectations and instead of saying that they couldnt fit a square image into a round hold they made it happen, and its spectacular! Will use drumart again...and will extoll their virtues to all the other bands i know..Tesco

Chris May 26, 2010

I had no problems what so ever with the art work, image, or the head DrumArt has a fast and reasonable turnaround; and thats all you can ask for. Thank You. Chris Wolfe DEAdpOOL S.A. TX.

Kimberly May 26, 2010

Jim was very involved in our wishes He corresponded with my wife; she bought me a custom head for X-mas, after she made the design. The result was in one word gorgious. Jim really gave my wife the feeling that he cares about the wishes instead of just being in the business because of the money. The head was based on a picture, with a road witho ut an end disappearing in the distance, lightning coming down in the end with in the middle over the whole head the band logo, where the lightning hit in. The detailing was very precise, the picture was very awesome. The logo was exact as we wanted it. We will use Drumart again if I ever needed another head. Unfortunately, I left the band I played for and play in another one right now. So, I might need a new head soon! Jim, thanks again for everything, you rock!

Derin May 26, 2010

Excellent customer service provided Quick to submit sample to me and prompt delivery. The heads look awesome . . . band logo displays perfectly during performances. Great quality. This is the second set I've bought and plan to continue featuring DrumART on my double basses!

drumslinger70 May 26, 2010

DrumArt.com did sucj a great job on the first head I had them do that I plan on using them for everything from know on!

Steve May 26, 2010

DrumART is an amazing company to work with We ordered a custom drum head and in less than a week it was on our bass drum. They were extremely easy to work with, had great ideas for improvements, and made the entire process extremely easy. The folks at DrumART are a pleasure to work with. You will not be disappointed!

Pete May 26, 2010

I have worked with Jim and DrumArt.com for 10 years and he has gone above and beyond to take care of my projects! You will not find a better product, or a higher class of customer service than with Jim and DrumArt.com! Buy yours today!

John May 26, 2010

DrumArt was great to work with My drum head looked better than I expected, it was very affordable and the turn around time was very short.

Tink May 26, 2010

I had a great experience with Jim at Drum Art He helped me with the art. I love my custom head and get tons of comments on it.

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