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Steve May 27, 2010

I've got nothing but praise for Jim Feck & DrumArt com! The entire transaction was a pleasure. They do GREAT work over there, and their work is surprisingly accomplished in a VERY timely fashion. Their communication and overall customer service throughout couldn't be better. I'm very, very glad this company is around!

COLD May 27, 2010

As an aspiring musician at the time I found DrumART, I was personally impressed with the examples on their website. These examples aided in my designing a drumhead for our band Cold Sweat. To this day, now we're sponsored at times by Ticketmaster, that very drumhead still announces oue presence on the stage. Thank you DrumART for all your support and I look forward to coming back to you in the future. A special shout out goes to Jim Feck for all his support and guidance!! David Disabato www.coldsweatband.com

RatePoint May 27, 2010

Always satisfied

Jonathan May 27, 2010

Jim at DrumART was very helpful during the entire process From sample images to the head arriving in the mail, the experience was excellent. The head ruled the stage and sound quality was great. Not even a night after night beer and Jager attack could keep it from looking great. Thanks Jim.

Keith May 27, 2010

Alex May 27, 2010

First off, I'd like to say the service was absolutely fantastic, as good as I could have asked for However, after about 9 months with my drum head, I've noticed a few things. First, the head is really prone to scratches during transportation. Obviously, equipment gets damaged on the road, but the aesthetics of the dark blue/black drum head are r eally affected with white scrapes across it, no matter their size. I don't know what could be done about this, perhaps a word of caution, just that the drum head should be treated with relative care? I dunno :) Second, the design of the drum head came out darker than I had anticipated...had I realized due to the printing process that the colors wouldn't have been so vibrant, I would have altered my design, but I didn't put two and two together. So again, maybe a word of caution is in order. Otherwise, I really do love my drumhead, and I rate it a 3.5, with your customer service being exceptional :) Hope to be doing business in the future with you guys when I upgrade my kit

RatePoint May 27, 2010

Great end product Super Fast and Friendly to work with. The head was slightly bent upon receipt though - due to shipping I'm sure.

Chip May 27, 2010

I liked dealing with DrumArt I felt like I got big company quality with small company service.

MixTapeMike May 27, 2010

Turnaround time was great, but the quality of DrumArt's products are amazing and affordable No one can match it!

Little May 27, 2010

Love the drum heads, and the free stickers! Working with DrumART was extremely easy, and fast. Their prices were the lowest I found and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Lars May 27, 2010

I couldnt have been happier with Jim's professionalism, follow up and end product I a marketing professional by day and am impressed with DrumART.com as a marketing entity. I will definitely be ordering additional product from Jim soon.

LipTrickDrummer May 27, 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE my drum heads I constantly get comments about how great they look when I switch between them on my kick drum. Great work. I'll be coming back for more, as usual.

Brian May 27, 2010

5 Stars across the board for Jim and the DRUMART guys and girls Captured my image the way I wanted... and it still looks great today!!! Kudos...highly recommended!!!

Charles May 27, 2010

When I needed a custom drumhead for our wedding parade in Berkeley,CA, DrumART totally came through with excellent service that was easy and fast. The drumhead art printed beautifully and received a ton of compliments. Thanks!

myspace.com/empyrean May 27, 2010

Jim does amazing work with great turn around time We constantly get compliments and "how did you do that" questions from other bands and fans, and it's a really cool way to sync your live performance with your album looks.

Bob May 27, 2010

I have dealt with Jim at DrumArt.com in the past I am now looking for another bass drumhead for our set at Church. As in the past the response to my inquiries as well as the service is excellent. I highly recommend anyone looking for customized bass drumhead work to look no further than DrumArt.com. They are the best. Five star. Thank you Bo b

Abraham May 27, 2010

The quality and services was among the best we have ever received When you deal with customers, you make a promise and deliver on what you promised. well, they delivered at a 110%. The manager from Guitar Center was impressed with the quality of the base drum head.

Solomon May 27, 2010

I am a repeat Canadian customer of DrumART I keep coming back for my band's branding needs because DrumART is consistently reliable with a rare combination of speed and quality. Prompt, friendly, patient, and personable communication, coupled with quick turn-around times, keep me sending back down across the border for my drumskin, banner, and st icker needs. Competitive prices, certainly, but it's the service that shines. If DrumART expanded into other merchandise manufacturing, I'd probably go with them for that, too

ESP May 27, 2010

I have done business with Jim and DrumArt for the past 5 years and had 4 drumheads made All the artwork was excellent and when the heads arrive, everyone loves them. Jim is a total pro and a trusted advisor when it comes to getting your look together!

A May 27, 2010

Jim was awesome! He helped a drummer's better half find the right head, adjust the design, etc....and it was the perfect surprise gift! Thanks! ~Jasmene (dating drummers only since 1996-ha)

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