Tutorials and how-to videos to help with our HeadBuilder drumhead design tool, the order process, your custom bass drumheads and CustomPEELER removable logos and more.

HeadBuilder 3.0 Tutorial - OVERVIEW

June 25, 2020

Interested in our HeadBuilder drumhead design tool? Start here! A 12-minute investment in this video will help you get the most out of this incredible tool and, in turn, get the best custom bass drumhead print possible. Hit the ground running!

Weekly Vlogs

Check out our weekly (or at least fairly frequent) vlogs here!

DrumROLL Vlog - Episode 4

June 25, 2020

This week we feature a huge non-drum related printing project I did for my kids' school, we take a more in-depth look at our incredible DTG (direct to garment) printer and we share some of the week's most interesting drumheads.

DrumROLL Vlog - Episode 1

May 27, 2020

DrumART's DrumROLL vlog episode 1. Weekly custom bass drumhead roll call as well as some other fun stuff.

DrumROLL Vlog - Episode 3

February 04, 2020

Episode 3 of the weekly DrumROLL vlog. Final testing for video display.

DrumROLL Vlog - Episode 2

September 13, 2019

Lots of cool drumhead examples this week as well as an overview of our impressive stable of print technology.

News and Announcements

Sneak peeks, news, announcements and other general information videos.

DrumART.com V.3 Sneak Peek

June 23, 2020

The new DrumART.com is here...and it's spectacular. The site has been completely rebuilt from soup to nuts and at the top of that list is our HeadBuilder online drumhead designer. The best has gotten so, so much better.

COVID-19 Update

April 02, 2020

DrumART will continue operating at full capacity for the foreseeable future during the COVID-19 coronavirus shutdowns.


DrumART commercials, marketing and sales videos

DrumART Solves Problems

June 25, 2020

Andrew is a drummer with a problem. So are you. Watch the video to see how DrumART can help!

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