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son June 02, 2010

exceeded my expectations! perfect!!! exceeded my expectations!! as a new signed band doing alot of opening shows this is a must!

Ornan June 02, 2010

DrumART produced exactly the drumhead graphic that I requested and I had it within one week Their communication was excellent and immediate, they responded to all of my emails and design suggestions and delivered a superb product. I will do all of my drum graphic design business with them in the future.

Padrick June 02, 2010

Great company and product They were easy to deal with... I had one slight problem that was my fault and everyone handled it like a pro and got the product to me by the needed deadline.

jeff June 01, 2010

Great site, Great heads

Rob June 01, 2010

Excellent, responsive service and a great, high quality product DrumART went the extra mile to help make sure my order was delivered perfectly. Thank you!

Keith June 01, 2010

The drum head I ordered awesome! These guys were quick and the communication was top notch. I am refering this company to every band that I am in contact with. Pro quality at a resonable price. Also the head only took 5 days from the time I submitted the artwork until I recieved it at my door. Thanks to all of you at DRUM ART!!!!

Living June 01, 2010

The Website is easy to navigate Instructions are clear. Our image was fuzzy, and our rep easily fixed the edges to create a crisp, clean product. We received the drumhead quickly and our drummer LOVES IT!!!

Chris June 01, 2010

DrumArt has had my business in the past and continues to keep it -- a testimony to the work that they do. Some others may be slightly less expensive, but I will gladly pay the difference for the service I receive.

Matt June 01, 2010

Outstanding quality and a great look

HILLBILLY June 01, 2010


Stephen May 31, 2010

Drumart (Jim Feck) did super work for the HitMen (www hitmenband.com). The service was fast and the price reasonable. Thumbs Up, JIM! Stephen Brown

The May 31, 2010

Jim Feck is a hands on owner which I like He is the CEO and yet he is also my main contact person as well....don't often see that. He has been extremely accessible and has given me prompt responses at all times. The only negative I have is the new policy where I have to pay $5 to not have the drum art logo on the head. I have some current drum heads with a local drum shop logo on them and I hate them every time I look at them. Business is business but I shouldn't have to pay to have a logo REMOVED from the head. If I like the company, which I do, then I will tell others about it. I don't care to have anybody's logo on my head except the one I am paying for

The May 31, 2010

DrumART would be Feck-less with Jim (arghh - bad pun :greater than) - but seriously, Jim Feck runs a great service. Online shopping was quick & easy - we never spoke on the phone once (no need) - all correspondence conducted via e-mail, including some great suggestions from Jim, leading to a finished product that I couldn't be more pleased with, with prompt tu rnaround as well - if only my drumming was as good !!!

Rick May 31, 2010

Jim Feck and his super artists at DrumArt have provided me with four different graphic heads Three were reviewed by me (and can be seen) in the April 2008 Modern Drummer. The fourth design is the logo for Jay & The Americans, the '60s singing group I'm currently touring the country with. The heads all look great, and the turnaround on my order s was extremely quick. The graphics were reproduced exactly as ordered (per samples sent to DrumArt), and they've held up very well under touring use. Best of all, the application of the graphic layer on top of the resonant bass drum heads adds a nice amount of control, which helps to eliminate the need for any muffling inside the bass drums. Great look, great sound, and great service. What more can you ask for?

Ivan May 31, 2010

Excellent product Full color. Easily applied and removed.

John May 31, 2010

Jim Feck's personal attention to every detail of every order is something that I really appreciate I have ordered both personalized drum heads and stickers in the past and have been impressed with DrumArt's products and affordable prices. Thanks Jim!!!

Liquidgroovy55 May 30, 2010

Contacting DrumART is a completely hassle-free and speedy process A simple email enquiry was answered in a matter of hours in a very friendly and informative manner. Very fast turnaround and a well-researched, top-quality product at the end. Great stuff. Hoping the work will continue to it's so far consistently high standard.

Martha May 30, 2010

Excellent transfer of our custom designed graphic onto the bass drum head Color balance & resolution was perfect. Turn-around time was incredibly fast & customer service response to my email was prompt. I would definitely work with DrumArt.com again.

Larry May 30, 2010

Could not have asked for better customer service, communication and product!

Ed May 30, 2010

Excellent quality Quick response to any and all questions, concerns. Drum head was impressive in quality and appearance, better than expected. Received as promised in just a few short days. Will order again!

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