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sergio July 27, 2018

Gerritt July 22, 2018

Fantastic resource, good design tools - easy to get just what I wanted and it arrived in great shape. Finish is fragile, sorry to report it got scratched easily during my first gig with the drum head. Whether it was load-out or a clumsy bassist I'm not sure, but don't let anything touch the art.

Northshroud July 22, 2018

Ordering a custom drum skin could not have been easier or faster! These guys have it down to a science and make sure that their customers are completely satisfied! Could not be happier with the quality!

Phl July 17, 2018

This is the second drum head, this one however didn't make it me to due to a postal error and had to wait 2 more weeks. Other than that great service and fantastic work!

Scaramanga July 14, 2018

Laura July 11, 2018

Love the product! Amazing!

Valentine July 09, 2018

I am pleased with the final product. The quality is "off the charts"; it is a perfect replica of the art work I submitted. Delivery time was spot on. Nice work DrumArt!

DAZE July 04, 2018

Awesome work with my new drum head! Beautiful resolution on the image. Perfect location & size on the port, and nicely trimmed with the protector edge. I was even more impressed that DrumArt could include the drum brand logo of my drums (Tama) at the top of the head. Production and delivery were very efficient and timely. I definitely recommend DrumArt to anyone seeking a quality drum head to represent their band. Thanks, folks.

Remote June 20, 2018

Excellent customer service, work with you on issues and help with a solution.

Points June 13, 2018

This is my second purchase from DrumArt, and like the previous, everything was first rate! I will not hesitate to use them again, not just for drum heads, but for some of their other products like stickers and banners. Excellent results and fast service!

Ralski June 13, 2018

Was hesitant at first because most sales online can be questionable. But not here. The process was simple, the customer service was spot on, and the final product was more that what I expected. I highly recommend every drummer out there to tap in to their creative side and grab one for themselves. I may have to grab a few more just because! Thanks again DrumArtLLC! \m/

90 June 04, 2018

The drum head is amazing and the difference in sound is incredible. Looks exactly the way we designed it! Thank you!

Kelly May 26, 2018

My 14 year old son has a youth rock band. He bought a DrumArt removable logo for his bass drum with his own money. He damaged it and was quite upset. I contacted DrumArt and they were great! They quickly and generously helped him and he's back in business. I know it's a small business and they have a limited crew so it's especially gratifying to see them spend resources solving something for a kid whose damaged logo was a HUGE deal in his world as a budding musician.

Mat May 02, 2018

Working with DrumART was a great experience. I had custom artwork and was able to clarify my needs to the staff. Submitting the order was easy and the head was completed and delivered very quickly. Loved the overall experience and would absolutely order from them again down the road.

Lone April 30, 2018

The online editor was fantastic and easy to use. After submitting the order, the print, shipping, and delivery time were all satisfactory. This is a great tool for small and new bands to get their name out there within a budget.

Ed April 27, 2018

This company is by far the finest of its kind! Service is amazing! The quality and workmanship is second to none. The best! I'm a repeat customer for a good reason. Thanks!

Pale April 26, 2018

The design department had some ideas about my submitted design but I told them they should use what I submitted. In the end it turned out perfect. Exactly like I envisioned. The Aquarian Regulator drum head is a terrific head. We took the pillow out of the B.D. and it just booms when I play it. Amazing sound. Good quality all the way around.

Youth April 23, 2018

I was going to go with the Evans Inked webpage, because it was "evans".. you know how trusted and established names work, people just flock to them because they're too busy to do research about competitors and other options. I was one of them.. i had my shopping cart ready to check out and then i realized i needed something that evans inked didn't offer. the one thing that made me leave and look around for another drum printing company was this: your ability to cut out a sound hole. and not only cut it out, but all the options you give with it! needless to say, i am 100% satisfied with the drum skin you printed for me, it looks exactly as i pictured it and it literally arrived on the morning of a show day, and we used it for the show that night, it was PERFECT timing and made the band really happy.. we will be a returning customer for sure!!

Oscar April 08, 2018

I ordered a custom head from drum art and was sent a damaged head which was also the wrong size. When I contacted them thru varies emails they finally replied and denied that the bent head would be an issue and they refused to exchange the head they sent me. All I wanted was the right size head undamaged, apparently that is too much to ask for, they offered me a discount for the order of the right sized head and never go back to me after that. Totally unprofessional, stay away and purchase from a business that actually cares about the clients they serve

JD March 21, 2018

The head looks fantastic and was turned around and shipped incredibly fast. Thank you.

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