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HaraldN April 06, 2019

Very accurate delivery. Both on expectation and quality! Highly recommended!

Kyle April 05, 2019

Excellent product and customer service. I had my band's logo printed on my bass drum head, and at first was not perfectly centered. It was a pinstripe image so even a slight offset was noticeable, at least to me. The guys at DrumArt listened to my concern and agreed to print a second head using a more "accurate" proceds at no cost to me and zero hassle. Quick turnaround and very friendly. The final product looks amazing and the extra accommodation is very appreciated. I would recommend these guys highly. Kyle

Brett April 05, 2019

This is the third drumhead I've purchased from DrumART. They always come out fantastic. They have graphic designers on site and they will help to ensure that it looks perfect. This is the place to go for a professional drumhead.

Lorenzo April 03, 2019

the drumhead is amazing

TConDrums March 23, 2019

These guys are simply the best in this business. Wish they could return emails a little more timely but over all they are second to none! Thx Drum Art

Everett March 20, 2019

Simply put, AMAZING!!! The heads I ordered looked even better than I anticipated. I will recommend Drumart.com to everyone I know! Everett Austin The Priest ( Judas Priest Tribute )

Matthew March 19, 2019

Drumart full filled my order in the time that they promised. The product was exactly what I expected and the quality is excellent.

Joe March 16, 2019

I ordered My drum head and I realised I put the wrong size head in my order I asked for a 22" when the Kick was a 24" so I called & left an email asking to fix My error I got back a prompt reply saying they would take care of it a few hours later when I called my bands drummer & told him what happened he was like "Man you better call them Back I traded in My kit last night & got a 22" kick drum" I Replied "Are you kidding me???" So I quickly shot off yet another round of Phone calls & an email and again got a prompt reply but not only did they gladly reset my orders size back but they informed me My artwork logo would print too blurry so they actually took it upon themselves to recreate My artwork They found the font My logo is (which isn't that common) and they reset my artwork and matched the colours at no extra charge this place is fantastic they are helpful and they wait for you to confirm & they are quick I am not joking from My placing my first incorrect order to final production the turn around was 6 days I was like Oh My god I had My skin in hand in less than a weeks time & that was with My initial mistake included!!!! I will use Drumart now for all my drum head needs These guys are 100% pros Joe Caravella of The Band The Reign

Kevin March 14, 2019

Superior work! Fast turnaround! Very pleased! I have already recommended DrumArt to several bands.

Ralph March 11, 2019

Wonderful! There was a hiccup in our production request due to a supply issue. DrumArt was first rate in stepping up their game and insuring that our band still had the product in a timely fashion, and the quality of work was first rate. I can't say enough how pleased I am with the interaction and care that DrumArt gave to us as customers. The heads we received were magnificent! I HIGHLY recommend this shop over a couple of others that I have dealt with recently. Without hesitation, I'll be returning to this shop for my next drum project in summer...

Anonymous Customer March 07, 2019

Anonymous Customer March 05, 2019

I received an email indicating that the ship date would be on a Wednesday (which was 11 days after I placed the order). I needed the head for a video shoot the following Monday (after the ship date), so this was good. However, it didn't actually ship until Friday, and didn't arrive until Tuesday, which was a day late. When it hadn't shipped on Wednesday, I sent an email on Thursday. I received no response.

Zee March 01, 2019

What they did to my logos brought it alive. They saved the design, made it work on its black background.

timothywalker February 15, 2019

Actually, they contacted me about a problem in the order. Very much appreciated because I had the wrong drum head for transparency. So they covered for my lack of paying close enough attention. Product looks wonderful!!....now if I could only learn to play better. lol

Tyler February 07, 2019

Everything I ordered is great and the image is crystal clear on the drum head. When I opened the package there was a few scratches on tears in the art itself. Not the drum head but the art. Not saying it was anyone's fault could've been from shipping. But out of all the times I've ordered in the past. customer satisfaction has been amazing!

Juan January 20, 2019

Jim provided thorough answers to my questions and delivered a great-looking product in quick time.

UnkleTim January 19, 2019

I am 'completely satisfied.' Those words don't come out of my mouth often. I'm just getting ready to order another's head.

Darwin January 19, 2019

I had never ordered a custom drum head before. I had my artwork and and was ready to pick a company to do it. I liked the drum builder tool and used it to get everything just right. I was concerned as you probably are reading this review about how it would look. I mean, you pretty much just upload your artwork and hope it looks good right? I didn't even talk to anyone, it was all online. I had applied some subtle shading to the lettering and I was concerned it would not come through. I went ahead and did it and let me just say right now...IT CAME OUT GREAT! I could not be happier with their quality. I also am amazed at how close the actual product is to the sample I sent in. Trust them to do a great job. I'll be back if I ever need another custom head for sure.

Kevin January 15, 2019

An absolutely perfect solution to Kick head artwork.

Dave January 14, 2019

I ordered a customer drumhead, sent them the artwork I created and uploaded via the HeadBuilder. Received the head in less than a week and it came out perfect. Highly recommended.

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