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B-Rad July 04, 2017

I like that they responded quickly with a mockup and quick design process and shipment. The thing I didn't like was somehow my email got messed up. When I was entering my email it prompted to an auto-email feature which selected names from my inbox. Somehow I accidentally selected someone else's name from my contacts. Luckily it was a friend that forwarded me the drumart.com emails. But after trying to update my address through that, still no success. Also through the website I sent a message about it with no response. Good customer service though.

Hammer June 23, 2017

My drum head came out perfect. Their suggestions on a change were spot on. I will definitely recommend them to others.

Eric June 15, 2017

This is the second drumhead I ordered from drumart.com. The turn around time is very quick and the quality is excellent. I primarily play with Evans heads and was very happy to see they now work with Evans. Looking forward to doing more business with Drumart in the future.

Karen June 06, 2017

Chanelle June 03, 2017

Bob June 02, 2017

DrumART got my order to me in an extremely timely fashion. I received the artwork from the graphic designer at my church on a Sunday and had the head delivered on Friday. The section on the guidelines for submitting the artwork were especially helpful so that I got the right image and file size on the first try.

Ritchie May 27, 2017

Thanks so much for my custom bass drum head featuring the Autism Puzzle piece logo. Our Daughter is on the Spectrum, and it looks Fantastic!! Thanks also for the quick turnaround time!! Design to Delivery 5 days!!

Paul May 21, 2017

A Fantastic Experience

JC May 15, 2017

Great company to deal with! Great products!

Shiloh May 15, 2017

Have ordered a few times from you. Excellent all round! Have upcoming orders to place too! Peace, JOHN THANK YOU

Phillp May 06, 2017

The parts right on time and was just what ordered.If I need any more parts I will use Parts Tree again.

Tommy April 19, 2017

Very good experience overall. Responsive to email inquires in a timely manner. Thought the shipping could have been quicker, item was ordered on 4/6/2017 and received on 4/19.

Mike April 18, 2017

My drum head was delivered with some imperfections. Contacted Jim with some pictures and he got a new head shipped right away with no issues. Great customer service. Would definitely buy from them again. Thanks.

April 17, 2017

Fast shipping and my kick head looks phenomenal! Nice bold colors. Will recommend to friends.

Fletch April 17, 2017

Ordered a band logo for base drum. It is great quality, was easy to apply and production/shipping were very fast.

Juhana April 11, 2017

Service of DrumArt.com is very good, easy and helpful. And the quality of the full-pictured 18" head is excellent! I chose the option to let DrumArt staff to edit my picture to a final mock-up, and the result was really beautiful, and easy for me! So, a customer doesn't have to be a professional with photos and files. Communication via email was easy. The overall process took only two weeks - from sending my first mail to DrumArt and getting my head here in Finland! And the price was not bad at all. I expect that the available and printable drumheads suit a tiny little better to louder music than eg. more silent jazz (thin and coated heads), but the difference is minimal and can be controlled by tuning. I warm-heartedly am recommending DrumArt.com to all drummers who like to purchase high-quality and beautiful printed drumheads!

TheWickedBees April 10, 2017

I had a rough idea sent in to the headbuilder, but with a simple side note and a couple clicks, I was able to get the exact drum head I was looking for and it turned out much better than I thought. I have a gig this weekend in my hometown of Fargo, ND and I can't wait to show it off.

Rocky April 10, 2017

It was easy to upload and navigate trough the site. It came very fast and it looks amazing! I would and will use this company in the future and would recommend them to anyone!

C April 08, 2017

I had seen another bands' logo on a drumhead created by DrumART. After locating the website, it was very easy to download ours and set up the head that I needed. It looks great, and was delivered in excellent condition and on time. I'm sure that I'll use them again, and will happily recommend them to others.

Paul April 06, 2017

These guys are great

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