COVID-19 operations update

March 15, 2020

A message to our friends and clients:

As a true family business, DrumART is well-positioned to weather the ongoing storm that is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and we remain open for business and at full capacity for the foreseeable future.  That said, we know that this is a difficult time for our fellow Americans as well as our friends and clients all around the world.  To that end, we have decided to reduce our already low prices by more than 10% across the board.  We are also waiving artwork and design fees for basic orders (from-concept design ideas will still need to be handled by a dedicated designer).  Have questions?

Let us know.

To be clear, these are not selfless acts.  By offering them, we obviously hope it will stimulate people to buy our products when they otherwise might not.  Which, in turn, will help our small family business weather the storm and stick around so we can continue providing the top-quality products and services you have come to know and trust.  This is a two-way street and we understand that.  We're just as frightened as you.

So, please remember that while this is an admittedly uncertain time, we can help each other get through this -- together.  Can't go to the restaurant for dinner?  Get takeout from someplace local.  Can't go to the mall?  See what's available on Etsy.  Patronize local and small online businesses so those businesses are still there three months from now.  Because without you, they won't be.

In the end, the sun will continue to rise and fall.  The seasons will continue to change.  Our children will continue to grow.  Life will go on, and people will continue to love and need MUSIC.  As we come out the other side, people will once again seek it out -- possibly more than ever before.  And in the grand scheme of things, that day is not far off.  So, take advantage of some great pricing and help a small family business in the process.

Order your new DrumART today

Above all, though -- be happy, be healthy, be well, take precautions and take care!

--Jim Feck, Owner

3252 New Scotland Road, Building 7
Voorheesville, NY 12186

877.DRUM.ART (877.378.6278)

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