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February 01, 2024

CURRENT as of February 6, 2024

Like many other markets, inventory challenges continue to plague the music products industry.  As items that are heavily dependent on the ready supply of raw materials, drums, drumheads and drum-related products are even more susceptible to fluctuations in supply.  And, since we process a relatively large volume of orders every week (100 to 150 or more), our suppliers are often not able to keep up with our high demand.

While our HeadBuilder drumhead designer is able to identify individual head types, colors and sizes as being out-of-stock, we wanted to use this article as more of an aggregate view of our current supplies for both drumheads and port protectors so our customers can better plan for their purchases.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have additional questions, but please understand that we are currently EXTREMELY busy and it may be a few days (or more) before we can respond.  This list will be updated regularly as more information and estimated delivery dates become available.

Here we will break down general drumhead and port protector supplies by manufacturer:


Generally speaking, Evans heads are not in short supply.  The only exceptions tend to be very large heads (26" or larger), very small heads (16") and specialty heads (Calftone or marching).  Even then, because both Evans and DrumART are both based in New York State, we can usually get even special-order inventory within a week or two.


We currently have all sizes and colors of Remo drumheads, but the inventory is dwindling rapidly.  22" black Ambassador heads are running particularly low.  Remo tends to have exceptionally long lead times (8 to 12 weeks plus time in transit), so please keep an eye here for more information as supplies diminish.


We are currently OUT of the following Aquarian drumheads:

  • 22" Classic Black
  • 16" Classic Black (both tom and bass hoops)

We have a moderately good supply of everything else and are particularly flush with 22" Full Force Black heads.  So, if you need a 22" Aquarian head, that is a great one to choose.


Port protectors are a particularly moving target.  We have three different suppliers for port protectors and all or none of them may have inventory at any given time.  We are currently OUT of the following port protectors and have inquiries in to all three suppliers asking when we can expect more:

  • 4" Black
  • 5" Black

We have good stock of 4" chrome and decent stock of all others.  We will update this section with ETAs as they become available.

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