Order volume and supply-chain challenges may affect response and turnaround times

June 27, 2022

Like many other businesses, DrumART is being impacted by the combination of a large increase in demand for our products with the ongoing supply-chain and global logistics issues plaguing manufacturers post-COVID.  In our case, drumhead, accessory, ink and print media suppliers are all intermittently backlogged.  Coupled with substantially increased order volume, we have a perfect storm of high demand and low supply.  While getting back to a more "normal" existence post-COVID are exciting for all of us, the net result is that response times may be longer than usual and we cannot currently commit to our industry-leading turnaround times until inventory becomes more reliably available.

The bottom line is that we currently expect turnaround times to be in the 3 to 7 business day range *to SHIP* -- time in transit is additional and will be dependent on your location relative to our headquarters in Upstate, NY and your selected shipping method.  Again this is a goal, not a commitment but we always do our best.

That said, we have taken a number of steps to shore-up our supplies and expect that we will be able to accommodate all current and future orders through some combination of alternatives from different suppliers.  Specifically, Evans has been able to fill our orders quickly through the pandemic and their heads remain readily available on the website for now.  Various Remo heads are currently in-stock and available but stock is dwindling FAST.  We have an order in with them, but they have been unable to let us know when we might receive it.  We will update this page as we receive more information.  We have a very large order in process with Aquarian that we hope will arrive by early March.  Again, we will update this page as more information becomes available on all of our inventory.  Backorders for specific head types and sizes will be displayed on the website, so you should know what heads are in-stock and available before you order.  Anticipated (but not guaranteed) inventory arrival dates will be displayed on the website as well.

Unfortunately, port protectors are another story.  We have orders in place with multiple suppliers, but we do not have firm arrival dates for anything at this point.  Even worse, our admin system does not allow us to display what sizes and colors are in-stock and which are not.  That said, we will reach out to you with alternatives if the port protector size and color you select is currently out-of-stock.

We apologize in advance that we may not have the exact head and port protector type and size you would like available on the website at all times, but please know that we are working as hard as possible to secure inventory quickly, even as we work to make other options available.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we work through this unprecedented situation -- please contact us directly if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help.

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