Modern Drummer Magazine - Quick Looks: DrumART Graphic Bass Drumheads

April 01, 2008

When we approached Jim Feck of DrumART.com about examining some of his graphic drumheads, he asked us to challenge his artists with three types of orders: a design based on a photograph, a design based on a graphic logo, and a design that matched an actual drumset finish.

For the photo, we selected the "mad scientist" shot of me that was used in an MD subscription ad some time ago. Since I teach at the KoSA drum camp, we asked for a logo head featuring the KoSA 12 graphic. And, as a real challenge, we asked Jim to match the finish on the 1965 champagne-sparkle Gretsch kit I use with the '60s singing group The Duprees.

Jim and his crew more than rose to the occasion. The color scientist photo was superimposed on a black & white background shot of a laboratory that Jim found, to separate the images. The KoSA logo " a virtually identical match to the "chrome" printing of the original " was placed on a black head for contrast. And while Jim says that the champagne sparkle finish was his biggest challenge and he hopes to improve on it, I was impressed how well it matched the finish of my vintage kit. (Jim was also kind enough to surprise me with a shield design containing my initials.)

All of these images were applied as permanent laminates over Aquarian Regulator resonant bass drum heads. They added a little additional muffling effect to those already self-muffled heads " to the point where I was able to remove the small pillows I'd had inside the drums. In other words, the application of the graphic heads helped make the drums sound bigger and fuller.

DrumART.com heads are custom jobs, so prices vary with the order. A more or less "standard" permanent design goes for around $90, which includes the cost of the head. To put a high-quality, durable, and totally original image on the front of your drumkit, it's money well spent.


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