DrumART's groundbreaking HeadBuilder has arrived

July 01, 2010

ALBANY, N.Y. - The HeadBuilder has arrived at the newly redesigned DrumART.com. And it's brought 8.5 million images with it. After today, drumhead design will never be the same.

"I am very proud of the HeadBuilder. It"s a full-blown online graphic design application. It"s an amazing tool for customization." " Jim Feck on DrumART"s new online HeadBuilder.

As part of a comprehensive website redesign, DrumART.com today launched a new online drumhead design tool known as the HeadBuilder (HTTP://WWW.DRUMART.COM/HEADBUILDER.HTML).  The HeadBuilder is a complete web-based design tool for anyone designing a custom bass drumhead and provides access to a database of more than 8.5 million high-res images or allows customers to upload and use their own artwork.

"I am very proud of the HeadBuilder. It's a full-blown online graphic design application. It"s an amazing for tool for customization. It is also the key piece of what I expect will be a period of growth for DrumART," said DrumART.com founder and owner Jim Feck.

HeadBuilder features include:

  • Searchable catalog of more than 8.5 million images
  • Customers can also upload and use their own logos or images
  • Add text, change fonts and colors, move and rotate any element on the head
  • Add ports, port protectors, even KickPort sound enhancement inserts
  • Add manufacturer logos
  • Save, print and e-mail your design. Share it with bandmates.
  • While the HeadBuilder is a huge leap forward in custom bass drumhead design, DrumART remains committed to exceptional quality and impeccable customer service.

"The HeadBuilder has been designed to address an unmet need in the marketplace, namely, providing real customization for self-service bass drumhead design," Feck said.  "But we"re well aware that it is our sterling reputation for quality and service that have helped us become the world"s largest custom bass drumhead manufacturer.  That will never change."

To that end, DrumART will maintain their existing order process that has been in place since 2004 where customers provide their materials and DrumART takes care of the rest.

DrumART.com redesign

Along with the new HeadBuilder, the entire DrumART.com website has been redesigned to improve customer service, boost customer interaction and give shoppers a more complete gallery of custom drumheads. Not to mention a new section that sheds light on Jim Feck"s obsession with snare drums.

New website sections and features include:

A full-fledged ONLINE STORE featuring access to DrumART"s additional band branding merchandise including bumper stickers, banners, T-shirts, posters, handbills, business cards, pens and more.

A greatly enhanced Gallery section where customers can browse thousands of custom bass drumheads created by DrumART.  The gallery also includes new social media sharing functions and customer-supplied photos.

A new Testimonials section where users can see actual customer reviews provided through RatePoint, an independent, third-party reputation management company.

A robust Videos section featuring video tutorials for customers. Also look for reviews of more than 65 unique and collectable snare drums from

The DrumART Collection

An enhanced News section

A robust Help section featuring in-depth HeadBuilder tutorials and demo videos

A comprehensive Site Search

For more:

Jim Feck
[email protected]
877.DRUM.ART (877.378.6278)

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Jim Feck has been creating custom bass drumheads for himself and a select group of friends and musicians since 1997. As an actively gigging drummer based in Albany, N.Y., Jim was frequently asked at shows, "Whoa, man! Where'd you get that head?!" After hearing this question for what seemed to be the millionth time, he finally understood what he should do: make custom drumheads. Maybe, just maybe, there could be a market for them...

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