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DrumART.com has been creating custom bass drum heads for our friends and clients since 1997.  We have built nearly 75,000 to date.  Our proprietary printing and application process yields the brightest colors, deepest blacks and most transparent sound on your choice of top-quality Aquarian or Evans bass drum heads.

But beyond that, our business is about people and service.  Ultimately, we know that making our customers happy is the key to our past, present and future success. Unlike our competitors, DrumART is not an afterthought of an already busy sign shop or drum head manufacturer. Drummers are our focus and meeting YOUR individual needs is our goal.  Custom means CUSTOM at DrumART.com.  Because nobody wants the same ink as everybody else.

We're less expensive and more responsive because DrumART.com is all we do!

How inexpensive are we? Try starting at $89.95 for a fully customized design on YOUR CHOICE of Aquarian drum head. But we don't force a single head choice on you and we don't charge extra for the incidentals. Port cutting? Free. Image scanning? Free. Basic image clean-up? Free.

And how responsive are we?  Try shipping within three to five business days.  That's right, DAYS.

Our mission is to have DrumART.com custom bass drum heads on the kick drums of EVERY aspiring and professional drummer in the world. Period.

You know you want one -- let us make you one today!

Jim Feck (A.K.A. Jim Feck)

Owner, CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, Janitor

Jim Bio Photo

Since 1997, Albany, NY-based drummer Jim Feck has been creating custom bass drum heads for himself and a select group of friends and musicians. As an actively gigging drummer, Jim was constantly being asked at shows, "Woah, man! Where'd you get that head?!" Only after hearing this question for what seemed to be the millionth time did he decide that maybe, just maybe, there could be a market for them...


VP of Marketing and Moral Support

Melissa Bio Photo

Melissa has served as DrumART.com's VP of MMS since day one.  Before day one, in fact.  Way before.  It has been her encouragement and tolerance that have made DrumART.com possible.

With nearly 30 years experience in corporate marketing, branding and human resources, Melissa brings to the table a unique perspective that blends effective marketing with a focus on people over product.  From our innovative client-focused ad campaigns to the way we handle day-to-day customer service, all we do stems from her singular focus on customer involvement and satisfaction in our products and services.

In additon to her role at DrumART, Melissa also serves as the Chief HR Officer for Latham Pool Products, the largest manufacturer of in-ground swimming pools in the world.

When she's not working, working or working, Melissa enjoys reading, gardening, travel, time at the beach, time with her family and playing with our Co-Directors of Security.

Dad (A.K.A. "Paco")

Production Manager (Former)

Melissa Bio Photo

Jim Feck the Elder (A.K.A. "Dad", A.K.A. "Paco") was not only one of DrumART's biggest supporters over the years, but he helped enable the business' explosive growth while maintaining our commitment to quality and blazing speed.

When production became more than a one-person job, he stepped in and learned the process from front to back.  In addition, his insight and experience led to countless innovations and efficiencies that have helped move DrumART forward while improving quality and lowering turnaround times.

Unfortunately, Dad passed away suddenly on August 18, 2014.  This page stands in memoriam to his immeasurable contributions to DrumART and to the more thanc20,000 heads he helped create and the equal number of customers whose lives he touched over the years.

Prior to his involvement with DrumART, Dad was an administrator at the NYS Department of Health.  He enjoyed his grandchildren, fishing, boating, ice hockey and a good political debate...er, fight...er, discussion.


Production and Shipping Manager

Melissa Bio Photo Andy is a 6th-generation drummer, the male heir to the DrumART hundreds and DrumART's Production and Shipping Manager.

Ka'ana and Pali

Co-Directors of Security

Melissa Bio Photo

Great Danes Ka'ana and Pali are the Co-Directors of Security at DrumART HQ.  At a combined weight of more than 260 lbs, they are much more likely to lick you to death than they are to protect much of anything.


3252 New Scotland Road, Building 7
Voorheesville, NY 12186

877.DRUM.ART (877.378.6278)

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