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Todd Sucherman of Styx

What can we say about Todd Sucherman that hasn't been said countless times already?  Not much.  Todd is the epitome of what you want in a musician, a drummer and a person.  Massively talented, tasteful, generous and kind.  We have worked with Todd for many years, most recently on a project for his incredible new Pearl Masterworks kit with a breathtaking quilted black limba outer ply.  Todd has long trusted us to match the bass drumheads to the finish of his kit -- it has become a "signature" look for him -- but this project presented many unique challenges.

First, the finish itself.  Dimensionally complex, it not only has a standard woodgrain pattern, but it also has, in Todd's words, a "shake" in the grain that comes from the quilting -- very difficult to reproduce.  In addition, the only sample he could provide also had an integrated "TS" rose gold inlay that needed to be *removed* from the scan and then *re-created* in actual rose gold material on the bass drumheads themselves.