Special Occasions

Special Occasions

July 31, 2016

DrumART.com custom bass drumheads are a great way to make your special day even more special.  Over the years, we've created heads for any number of special occasions for our clients.  From birthdays to weddings to retirements -- we even had a client propose marriage using one of our heads!  Here are some upcoming case-studies to get your creative juices flowing:

  • DrumART is for lovers - Darren Liccardo proposed to his girlfriend using a DrumART.com custom bass drum head.  How could she say no?
  • Bring the Music Back - In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, DrumART partnered with many of our legendary clients to create a series of autographed heads that raised over $10,000 to put instruments back into the hands of displaced music students.
  • Aces High - When Jon Thomas' dad decided to retire after 30 years as a percussionist in the Air Force band, Jon set out to create a fitting tribute.
  • Fab Wedding - John Drake is a big Beatles fan.  Really big.  As part of his Beatles-themed wedding, he turned to DrumART.com to create the perfect custom bass drum head.
  • In Memorium - When Joseph Grounds was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash, the community rallied to raise funds for the family he left behind.
  • When the Saints Come Marching Back - Siena College's 20th reunion was a rocking good time.
  • Josh & Sheri Got Hitched - When Josh and Sheri decided to get married, they wanted to make sure everything was perfect.  Even the drums.
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