About Us

July 31, 2016

DrumART.com has been creating custom bass drum heads for our friends and clients since 1997.  We have built nearly 10,000 to date.  Our proprietary printing and application process results in the brightest colors, deepest blacks and most transparent sound on your choice of top-quality Aquarian or Evans bass drum heads.

But more than that, our business is about people and service.  Ultimately, we know that making our customers happy is the key to our past, present and future success. Unlike our competitors, DrumART.com is not an afterthought of an already busy sign shop or drum head manufacturer. Drummers are our focus and meeting YOUR individual needs is our goal.  Custom means CUSTOM at DrumART.com.  Because nobody wants the same ink as everybody else.

We're less expensive and more responsive because DrumART.com is all we do!

How inexpensive are we? Try $89.95 for a fully customized design on YOUR CHOICE of Aquarian drum head. We don't force a single head choice on you, and we don't charge extra for the incidentals. Port cutting? Free. Image scanning? Free. Basic image clean-up? Free.

And how responsive are we? Try shipping within three to seven business days.  That's right, DAYS.

Our mission is to have DrumART.com custom bass drum heads on the kick drums of EVERY aspiring and professional drummer in the world. Period.

You know you want one -- let us make you one today!

Jim Feck (A.K.A. Jim Feck)

Owner, CEO, CFO, COO, Janitor

Jim Bio PhotoSince 1997, Albany, NY-based drummer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been creating custom bass drum heads for himself and a select group of friends and musicians. As an actively gigging drummer, Jim was constantly being asked at shows, "Woah, man! Where'd you get that head?!" Only after hearing this question for what seemed to be the millionth time did he decide that maybe, just maybe, there could be a market for them...

Melissa Feck (A.K.A. "The Tolerator")

Vice President of Marketing and Moral Support

Melissa Bio PhotoMelissa has served as DrumART.com's VP of MMS since day one.  Before day one, in fact.  Way before.  It has been her encouragement and tolerance that have made DrumART.com possible.

John Dario (a.k.a. "The Hero")

Technology Guru

John DarioJohn has been a friend of the business since before day one.  A fellow drummer, John's heads were among the very first ever created by DrumART.com.

Shawn McCann (A.K.A. Shawnyflakes)

Production Manager (Former) and Bearded Master of the Funk

Shawny Bio PhotoShawn McCann officially joined the DrumART family in the Spring of 2011 and left in 2014, but as a good and trusted friend and advisor, his influence and support have been and continue to be felt here.

Ted MacKenzie (A.K.A. "The Master")

Content Partner

Ted MacKenzie Bio PhotoTed is a world-renowned author, teacher and clinician, and he has been a long-time friend and supporter of DrumART.com.  In 2005, Ted was tapped to revise the 1942 snare drum classic "Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments", written in collaboration with Henry Adler.

Dad (A.K.A. "Paco")

Production Manager (Former)

Dad Bio PhotoJim Feck the Elder (A.K.A. "Dad", A.K.A. "Paco") was not only one of DrumART's biggest supporters over the years, but he helped enable the business' explosive growth while maintaining our commitment to quality and blazing speed.

Sparks (A.K.A. "Sparky")

Director of Security

Sparks Bio PhotoRecently released from prison, Sparks is DrumART.com's director of security and resident German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP).  Trained in the arts of kung-fu, jiu-jitsu and licking himself, we all rest easy knowing that Sparky is on watch.  Even if he does have a lazy eye.

Brad Filip (A.K.A."The Big Brain")

Web Designer and Flash Application Developer

Brad Filip Bio PhotoLook around.  This gorgeous site?  Brad.  The kick-ass HeadBuilder application?  Brad.  Check out the big brain on Brad, indeed.