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Winter NAMM 2009 Roundup

July 29, 2016

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As always, this year's Winter NAMM Show was a wonderful experience. We took more time to talk with vendors, partners, artists and friends which was really nice. Since we mainly sell to our customers directly we didn't have a booth, but we were well represented at the show providing all heads for both Ludwig and Sonor, including a remarkable 40 inch removable logo for Ludwig's 100th Anniversary flagship drum which was suspended 20 feet above their booth. Cool.

We also spent more time checking out performances -- both at the show and at night. We missed the NAMM Jam and Alicia Keys' performance which really bummed us out, but it is truly staggering the amount and breadth of both talent and styles on display at the show. In one night we were able to go from world-class blues to arena rock to metal to latin to punk and back again. Awesome.

As for trends, this year's show definitely seemed to be suffering from the effects of a downward-trending economy. In a word, attendance was SPARCE. Where a normal Saturday at noon would have featured a cheek-to-jowel mass of humanity in the aisles, this year there was plenty of room to walk and move. Food lines were short or non-existant, even during the busiest times. Bathrooms didn't have lines. Manufacturers had much more time to talk than usual. There didn't seem to be many "big" product rollouts. There were very few performances on the floor, scheduled or otherwise. It was weird.

Overall, the show was still extremely enjoyable, interesting and exhausting, and there was still more to take in than anyone possibly could over the course of just a couple days. Enjoy the photos and videos!

Musically yours,

Jim and the DrumART crew.

By: Jim
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