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July 29, 2016

Metroland Magazine - March 30, 2006

He Fell in Love With the Drum Art
By bill ketzer

How Jim Feck turned a chance meeting into a thriving business designing logos for drummers

"What are you waiting for?" asks the intro page to Jim Feck's DrumART Web site. "You know you want one!" And it's true. I want one. I want custom bass-drumhead art, and I want to support a local business. Problem is, I'm not exactly an idea man. In fact, I can never even think of anything good to be for Halloween. But on the day before we sit down at Feck's headquarters in Altamont, it occurs to me that a drumhead depicting an aerial view of myself in a huge bird's nest, bursting out of a pterodactyl egg, would be funny. And I would be stricken with terror as my Cretaceous caregiver descended with a stomach full of swamp carrion to barf into my mouth.

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