Where can port holes be located

Help - Artwork and Design

August 01, 2016

Port holes can be located just about anywhere on the head, but they need to be at least 1.75" from the edge of the head.  Any closer and you risk having a head that is both very difficult to tune and prone to tearing very easily under tension.  All of our heads are ported by hand based on your requested location.  None of them are pre-ported.

The HeadBuilder application conveniently displays this "port boundary" when you select a port to be included in your head.  If you place a port outside that area, it will be adjusted during the order fulfillment process.

If you choose to leave the work to us, we'll place your port in the best possible location given the artwork and the 1.75" port boundary limitation.  You will receive a proof of your design for approval before it is released to production.