What type/brand heads do you use

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July 31, 2016

We offer heads from both Aquarian and Evans.  The dirty little secret in the drumhead world is that all manufacturers use very similar raw materials in the creation of their heads.  The differences come in things like hoop construction, muffling options, coatings, etc.

We have long partnered with Aquarian Drumheads and generally recommend their heads absent a compelling reason to use a different manufacturer.  There are a number of reasons for our choice:

  1. Quality/Durability
  2. Consistency
  3. Innovative Features
  4. Company Responsiveness

In our extensive experience, Aquarian offers the highest-quality and most durable drumheads on the market.  We stock all types and sizes of Aquarian heads including single-ply Classic, Full Force II, Regulator for drumkit and Powertone and Articulator for marching drums.  So, we're likely to have your size and color in-stock with no waiting!

That said, we understand that head choice is a subjective matter, so we have also partnered with Evans drumheads and offer their EQ3 heads as well.

We do not offer Remo heads at this time.