What is the difference between Full Heads, Removable Logos and Marching Heads

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August 01, 2016

Full Heads:

Our Full Heads are permanently applied to your choice of Aquarian drumset bass drum head. They can have a more "polished" or "finished" presentation (including port protectors), and they include the drum head.  We generally recommend purchasing a full head unless there is a compelling reason to purchase a removable logo.

Removable Logos:

Our Removable Logos feature the ability to be applied and removed to your glossy, non-coated drumhead over and over again. These are specifically good if youâ??re in more than one band or if youâ??re sharing a backline where the logo has to be applied before your set and removed afterward.  Please note that removable logos do not include the drum head, and they are not pre-ported. Since it is impossible for us to know the exact port location in your existing head, they come with instructions for applying the logo and cutting the port based on your existing port.

Our removable logos are designed to cover the whole head and feature the same quality printing and "whole head" coverage as our full head prints. This has the benefit of making them more durable and ensuring color consistency on the head, but there is a caveat: this process "marries" your removable logo a particular ported head.

This is not an issue if you never play ported heads, but once the port is cut in your removable logo to match an existing head, it generally needs to be used on that head. This is not a bad thing if you're in more than one band and using the same kit or sharing the same backline on tour, but they may not work well if you're using rental kits with different heads and different port locations every night.

Marching Heads:

Marching Heads are applied to your choice of Aquarian marching bass drum head.  They include an oversized laminate "power dot" on the batter side that allows them to be struck with mallets without adversely affecting the sound of the drum or the printed image.