What if I need some additional work done on my design

Help - HeadBuilder

August 01, 2016

If you need to have some additional basic work done on your design -- for example, you'd like an outline or shadow applied to your text to make it stand out better -- use the Order Notes/Special Requests field and we'll do what we can to accommodate you.  Since every head design we receive crosses the desk of one of our designers for review, we're more than happy to add whatever finishing touches will make it just right.

*Please note: not all special requests can be accommodated (e.g.: "I want this to be glow-in-the-dark"), and others may require additional design time and/or cost (e.g.: "I want the text to be mirror-chrome").  We will contact you for approval before doing anything that would require additional cost.  Also note that a mockup will not be provided for orders placed in the HeadBuilder.