What artwork types/sizes can be used in the HeadBuilder

July 31, 2017

DrumART.com's HeadBuilder accepts .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif file formats in RGB color mode and file sizes up to 10 MB OR 3300 x 3300 pixels in size.  You should also avoid using special characters in your filenames since the HeadBuilder's uploader filters out many special characters in order to prevent hacking.

Portable Network Graphic (.png) files are ideal because, unlike .jpg files, they use a lossless compression algorhythm and they gracefully handle tansparency and gradation.  JPGs are also fine, but the more compression used, the more artifacts will result.  If making your own .jpg, use the least possible compression when saving (quality setting of 75 to 100 is best).

Ideal size depends on your head size and are listed below:

Head Size:

Image Size:

18" 1800 x 1800 pixels
20" 2000 x 2000 pixels
22" 2200 x 2200 pixels
24" 2400 x 2400 pixels
26" 2600 x 2600 pixels
28" 2800 x 2800 pixels
30" 3000 x 3000 pixels

The system can handle images larger or smaller than these suggested sizes, but your ability to enlarge or reduce their size on the drum head will be proportionately related to these sizes.  For example - if you upload an extremely small image, you will not be able to enlarge it to fill the drum head.  Conversely, if you upload an extremely large file, you may not be able to reduce it enough within the system to fit it to the drum head.

In these cases, we recommend that you leave it to the experts and work with us directly.  Our "Leave it to us" order process is the same one we've used since the beginning.  Simply place your order, upload your artwork and we'll take care of the rest!  Sweet.

Please keep in mind that while images may easily be reduced in size without a loss of quality, it is very difficult to ENLARGE an image without a significant amount of blurring and/or pixilation.  That said, we have both the tools and the experience necessary to enlarge images with the least possible amount of image degradation, and we're willing to help.  If you need to enlarge your existing artwork to meet these specs, the better choice would be to select our "Leave it to the experts" order option.

Please note that YOU are responsible for the quality of your artwork.  If you upload it to the HeadBuilder, it will be printed as-submitted.  We will do our best to produce the best possible print from the image you submit, but "quality" is a subjective matter and we do not make subjective judgments on HeadBuilder orders.  That's why it is a less-expensive process.  Our general rule-of-thumb is that if a print will look reasonably good from 5 to 10 feet away (minimum audience distance), we will proceed without any additional communicaton.

You can always send us your design via our artwork evaluation process if you have any doubts or questions so we can have a look before you order.


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