What are the differences between Aquarian Bass Drum Heads

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August 01, 2016

Aquarian offers three types of standard (drumkit) resonant bass drum heads and two kinds of marching bass drum heads:


Classic Clear (plain):

A single ply, medium weight drum head available in glossy white or black. Ideal for the resonant side of the bass drum. Classic Clear heads produce a wide-open full sound with plenty of attack. (Very similar to Remo Ambassador heads)

Full Force:

A clear, single ply, medium weight bass drum head. Full Forceâ?˘ drum heads feature an acoustically â??ventedâ? muffling ring that is tucked into the hoop on the back side of the head. The muffling ring has special â??tone holesâ? that allow the ring to move and resonate with the head. (Very similar to Remo Powerstroke III heads)


These single ply, resonant bass drum heads feature Aquarianâ??s patented â??Floating Muffling Systemâ?. They are perfect companions for the Super-Kickâ?˘ and Impactâ?˘ series batter heads. Regulatorâ?˘ heads are available in Video Gloss black or white, and they feature a focused, punchy sound that does not sacrifice the low-end fundamental of the drum. (Unlike any other head on the market)


Marching/Drum Corps:


A powerful, punchy and direct sounding bass drum head featuring Aquarianâ??s patented â??Floating Muffling Systemâ?. The sound of this drum head really projects because the felt muffling â??floatsâ? and does not touch the bearing edge. The drumhead collar is free to vibrate in unison with the drumshell to preserve the low-end. This unique drumhead is made with Aquarian's new Power-Playâ?˘ film. The Articulatorâ?˘ is available in white or black.


A full, open, traditional bass drum sound with great resonance and projection. It also features Aquarianâ??s new Power Playâ?˘ film. A big sounding drumhead. The Powertoneâ?˘ is available in white or black.