How long will my custom bass drum head last

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August 01, 2016

Um...I don't know...forever?

Seriously, they last a long, LONG time! Our inks and materials are rated for 3 - 5 years of outdoor exposure.  We're talking Arizona sun or Alaskan winters here.  In effect, this means that the useful life of our prints is far longer than the useful life of the heads they're printed on.

That said, they're not indestructable.  Reasonable care and consideration is required to keep your DrumART custom bass drumhead looking and performing at its best.  Our rule of thumb is that if something will scratch a plain drumhead, it'll scratch a printed drumhead.  Not usually an issue, but you can't expect to run it into a wall or have your singer throw your drum off the stage without some damage.  But then again if your singer is throwing your drums off the stage, you've got bigger issues to deal with!