Do you offer 16" heads

Help - General Questions

August 01, 2016

Yes, we absolutely do make 16" heads!  These heads are generally a special-order item and the cost is the same as our 18" heads.

The reason we do not offer them directly through the website is that properly sizing them can be confusing.  Basically, there are two types of 16" bass drums available.  The first uses a "standard" wood bass drum hoop with tension rods and claws (like the Sonor Jungle and Safari kits).  These require a slightly oversized head.  The second uses a metal tom-like hoop with flanges that the tension rods go through (like the Yamaha HipGig kit).  These drums require a tom-sized head.

If you have a converted 16" floor tom that you're using as a kick drum and it still uses the standard tom hoop, you need the smaller head.  If you converted the drum to use hoops and claws, you need the larger head.

If you'd like to order a 16" head, please simply order an 18" head and make a note in the ORDER NOTES field letting us know that you need a 16" head and which type you need.  We'll take care of the rest.