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July 31, 2017

Our HeadLIGHTS(TM) drumheads use a special process and material to print onto translucent drumheads.  The translucent part is important.  Our testing has clearly shown (pun intended) that fully transparent drumheads are not the best possible option for illuminated kick drums.  The reason?  Your eye sees right through the printed head and focuses on the super-bright lights behind it, defeating the entire reason for having a printed drumhead in the first place. 

Our process results in a look similar to that of a soft-white lightbulb -- a nice diffuse light pattern that highlights the print as opposed to overwhelming it.  It's a killer look that we developed in conjunction with John Cowsill from The Beach Boys for use on their 50th Anniversary Tour.

Even better, our illuminated heads look just as good as our standard custom bass drumheads when they're not lit from behind -- something you don't get with printing on clear heads. They're easily the most beautiful, most flexible solution for drummers who want to backlight their custom artwork without sacrificing print quality or sound, day or night.

As for lighting the kick drum itself, you can use your own light source or DrumART's own HeadLIGHTS(TM) LED drumkit illumination option which will be offered on our website very soon.

And while they're actually quite a bit more expensive to make, the cost of our illuminated heads will be the same as our standard heads during their introductory period.

To order, simply select the HeadLIGHTS(TM) illuminated head option and we'll take care of the rest.  Please note: the HeadLIGHTS finish option may add 5 to 7 days to our standard turnaround times, so please plan accordingly.

*DrumART's HeadLIGHTS(TM) drumheads do NOT include any lighting system.  They are designed to
work with whatever lighting system you use in your kick drum(s) or with our own brand

of HeadLIGHTS LED illumination (coming soon). 

Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Illuminated Head

Dukes Band HeadLIGHTS

Big Stall HeadLIGHTS

Ferris Buellers Revenge HeadLIGHTS

Chrome HeadLIGHTS