Do you have an online system to help me design my head

Help - Artwork and Design

July 31, 2016

Why yes we do!

In the past, online design systems were both extremely limiting and even more difficult to use.  But the HeadBuilder has changed all that!

The HeadBuilder is light years ahead of any other tool available.  Not only does it provide you with the basic ability to upload your own artwork, but it gives those who do not yet have solid artwork (or any artwork for that matter!) the ability to create their own head from literally MILLIONS of high-quality, high-resolution, royalty-free images available through our massive online catalog.

In addition, text, fonts, colors, ports, logos and more can all be moved, rotated and edited via the HeadBuilder application to your heart's content.

That said, we still believe in providing direct customer service to our clients. That means that a graphic artist reviews every design that comes across our desk, and we regularly make suggestions and changes if the design warrants it.  At, you get the benefit of the most advanced graphic drum head creation tool on the planet plus a real live human being who can make suggestions and judgement calls with the sole purpose of creating the best possible design for you, all before one drop of ink is printed on your custom drumhead.

And if your own artwork is too big, too small or not in an acceptable format, you can always choose to leave the work to us!  This is the same option that nearly 10,000 of our customers have used since our founding in 1997, and that has earned us our well-deserved reputation for over-the-top customer service.