Can I just order the logo, or do I have to order the whole head

Help - Ordering and Shipping

August 01, 2016

You can ABSOLUTELY order just the logo! Our CustomPEELERS removable custom bass drum logos are designed for exactly this purpose.  You can apply, remove, and reapply them over and over again to whatever head you want. We invented removable bass drum artwork, and our materials and process remain superior to all others.

Due to the fact that the permanent installation of artwork on a drumhead is a very difficult process (you only get one shot), we only offer permanent logos on complete heads and we do not accept client-supplied heads under any circumstances.

That said, please do not be fooled by others selling a simple decal for a few dollars less than our full heads and removable logos and passing them off as a "bargain" -- they're not! In order to get the maximum sustain and minimal tonal change out of a head, the thinnest material is critical. Thin materials are very, very, VERY difficult to apply effectively, and the application and positioning of that material matters greatly in the overall sound of the head.

Our advice, whether you get your head from us or someone else, is to purchase your custom bass drumhead from a company that has a proven track record, uses the highest-quality materials in the industry and stands behind their products 100%.  It never pays to be penny-wise, pound-foolish.

Here's the bottom line: if you're planning on buying a simple decal -- DON'T. We'd rather have you purchase a custom head from one of our competitors than be turned off of the possibilities of a quality custom bass drum head by someone who doesn't care about you or the industry. That's just plain irresponsible.