Are there any restrictions to what I can put on my custom bass drum head

Help - Artwork and Design

August 01, 2016

Generally, if you have the image, we can print it! That said, we do reserve the right not to print any given image, but it would have to be WAY outside the bounds of good taste and/or bordering on criminal for us to decline.  In more than 10 years and 10,000 heads, we've never declined to print a design.  And trust us, there have been some questionable ones!

The only exception to this rule is known-copyrighted images.  That said, as part of the purchase process the customer must agree to our terms and conditions. Boiled down these basically state that you either (a) own the copyright for the imagery being used on your head(s), (b) agree that you have permission to use the artwork from the copyright owner, or (c) take full responsibility for using any artwork where (a) or (b) are not true. As such, the customer assumes all liability for the use of their submitted artwork.

The bottom line is that if you comply with our terms and conditions, we will print the head.