July 31, 2016

Production Manager (Former)

Dad Bio PhotoJim Feck the Elder (A.K.A. "Dad", A.K.A. "Paco") was not only one of DrumART's biggest supporters over the years, but he helped enable the business' explosive growth while maintaining our commitment to quality and blazing speed.

When production became more than a one-person job, he stepped in and learned the process from front to back.  In addition, his insight and experience led to countless innovations and efficiencies that have helped move DrumART forward while improving quality and lowering turnaround times.

Unfortunately, Dad passed away suddenly on August 18, 2014.  This page stands in memoriam to his immeasurable contributions to DrumART and to the nearly 20,000 heads he helped create and the equal number of customers whose lives he touched over the years.

Prior to his involvement with, Dad was an administrator at the NYS Department of Health.  He enjoyed his grandchildren, fishing, boating, ice hockey and a good political, discussion.

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